Applied mathematics and computer science & IT4Innovations

Advances and challenges of research activities across work groups of the EURAD project.
16.03.2021  –  18.03.2021
Online meeting of the DONUT working teams within the EURAD project.
27.01.2021  –  28.01.2021
Conference Seminar on numerical analysis and winter school, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
25.01.2021  –  29.01.2021
One evening invigorating hundreds of science buildings. Science labs, experiments and current topics.
Workshop ENDORSE and EDZ
Workshop dedicated to topics solved within the TACR ENDORSE project.
27.02.2020  –  28.02.2020
What is artificial intelligence?
Lecture given by Ing. Marek Pecha during the Week of science and technology.
Workshop of PhD students
Presentation of work results by PhD students, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Conference of IT4Innovations
7th annual conference of IT4Innovations Centre of Excellence, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
DECOVALEX 2019 symposium
Symposium and workshop on Coupled processes in radioactive waste disposal and subsurface engineering applications, Brugg, Switzerland.
04.11.2019  –  06.11.2019