Institution management

Director of the institute Prof. RNDr. Radim Blaheta, CSc.
Deputy director Ing. Josef Foldyna, CSc. Science and research
Ing. Lenka Jaskulova Technical and economic matters
Secretary Bc. Tatana Nevedelova
Head of the department Doc. Ing. Jiri Scucka, Ph.D. Laboratory research on geomaterials
Ing. Josef Foldyna, CSc. Material disintegration
RNDr. Lubomir Stas, CSc. Geomechanics and mining research
Doc. RNDr. Josef Malik, CSc. Applied mathematics and computer science
Prof. RNDr. Radim Blaheta, CSc. IT4Innovations
Doc. RNDr. Karel Kirchner, CSc. Environmental geography
Representative in AA CAS Ing. Josef Foldyna, CSc.
Mgr. Pavel Rostinsky, Ph.D.
Other information Institution board
Supervisory board
International advisory board