International symposium on mine safety science and engineering, Katowice, Poland.
21.11.2021  –  25.11.2021
International meeting related to the technology of high speed water jet, Zajeci, Czech Republic.
11.10.2021  –  13.10.2021
Exhibition of photographs, Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic (in Czech).
01.06.2021  –  31.10.2021
A series of articles about mining on Prima Zoom.
29.05.2021  –  13.06.2021
Exhibition in the Horacko Museum, Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic. (in Czech).
27.05.2021  –  01.08.2021
TV report from the series About science and scientists (in Czech).
Walk through the Brno centre with a focus on geodiversity (in Czech). Guided by Dr. Lucie Kubalikova.
19.05.2021  17:00
International symposium on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
17.05.2021  –  20.05.2021
Exhibition of landscape heritage photographs, Comenius Museum in Prerov, Czech Republic.
01.05.2021  –  31.07.2021
Dr. Barbora Duzi gives a lecture during online seminar within the Foods for the future programme (in Czech).