Institute management


Ing. Josef Foldyna, CSc.

Deputy directors

Ing. Kamil Souueek, Ph.D.
Science and research
Ing. Lenka JaskulovUE
Administration and operation


Department head

Doc. Ing. JiYDUt Y ueuueka, Ph.D.
Laboratory research on geomaterials
Ing. Libor Sitek, Ph.D.
Material disintegration
Ing. Kamil Souueek, Ph.D.
Geomechanics and mining research
Mgr. Stanislav Sysala, Ph.D.
Applied mathematics and computer science
Mgr. Petr KlusUEueek, Ph.D.
Environmental geography


Technical and economic matters:
Economic section
Technical section
IT section:
RNDr. OndYDej Jakl, CSc.
Academy Assembly CAS:
Mgr. Barbora DuYZUt, Ph.D.
Ing. Kamil Souueek, Ph.D.