Material disintegration

Provided services

  • High-speed water jet and abrasive water jet cutting.
  • High-speed water jet and abrasive water jet machining (turning, milling, etc.).
  • Determining the cutting ability of abrasive materials.
  • Particle size measurement using a laser analyser.
  • Surface treatment by high-speed water jets.
  • Analysis of material surfaces by optical methods.
  • Measurement of wearability and abrasiveness of rocks.
  • Pressure testing of high-pressure systems.
  • Recording and analysis of fast processes using high-speed cameras.
  • Measurement of velocity fields using PIV and LIF methods.
  • CFD flow modelling.
  • 3D printing from thermoplastics (FFF/FDM).
  • Accurate 3D scanning of any objects with a handheld scanner.
  • Professional consultations and expertise elaborations.